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    With the passion for food,
    I am here to share.
    Taste, however is subjective.
    Everything here is just my 2 cents worth for consideration.
    Most importantly,
    To appreciate the art and effort of every chef behind the stove.

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The Peninsular Boutique – Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes

Its the time of the year for mooncakes! As usual, I am always looking forward to see what innovative flavors hotels and restaurants are offering. Not to forget I get to have my favorite mini egg custard mooncake from Peninsular hotel, have been a fan of it since years back. Heard from a friend that … Continue reading

Vegan Burg

With people getting more health conscious, some smart guy decided to grab the business opportunity and spawn an organic-meatless fast food chain. Meatless? I raised an eyebrow, because i am someone who prefers meat and vegetarian food have never really impress me. Without much ado, I present to you Vegan Burg, our home grown vegetarian … Continue reading

Bistro Du Vin

Plus and minus of having lunch with a chef friend. Minus: He is picky yet he always ask me to suggest places, which he eventually will criticize. Plus: His choice will end up somewhere a lil pricey for lunch, but however with assured quality. This time round he led me to this stretch of road … Continue reading

Underground Supper Club – “Food for the Soul”

Before I go into the details, one may want to make a guess what are some of the dishes being featured in the picture below. Remember your answers and I shall slowly reveal their true identities, which you may least expect them to be. Few days back, I was fortunate to land myself an invitation … Continue reading

La Petite Cuisine

My impression for French cuisine has always been more of to be served in the high class fashion, hence more to the pricey side. Despite being around since my poly days, it was till recently then I realized the true value of this inconspicuous French stall situated at a corner of Serene Centre. French cuisine … Continue reading

Big Mama Korean Food

Located at a stone throw away from Tiong Bahru plaza lies Big Mama, a new young Korean restaurant . Despite only established for few months, it has won over much crowd including many native Koreans, and even foreigners. The white-washed walls and well lit lights gave the impression of a clean and healthy place. Instead … Continue reading

Flor Patisserie

As mother’s day is approaching, a way to show my appreciation for my mum is to travel all the way to Duxton Hill to get this pretty cake from Flor. For those who are new to Flor, Flor is a small Japanese style pastry shop located in a little shop house on Duxton Hill. Spear-headed … Continue reading

Peperoni Pizzeria

If one is craving for some powerful Italian food, I would recommend Peperoni Pizzeria at Bukit Timah. No, Peperoni Pizzeria is the name of the restaurant and I am not referring to only the peperoni pizza flavour. They serve a wide selection of Italian food from pizza to pasta to risotto to desserts. Upon entering … Continue reading

Jade Garden Seafood Corner

As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Given the lack of resources in SG, JB is definitely more fun to explore when it comes to food due to its big geographical size and cultural similarities. Prices of food is also some what relatively cheaper due to the currency rates. … Continue reading


Having been living in the┬ávicinity, I have detected Arbite’s presence some time back. But as it is located on the second storey of shop houses, more or less it has always been overlooked by me. So my bestie was raving about this place after reading reviews and decided to make the special trip down. Together … Continue reading