LOTS Gourmet Stop

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city stood a rare gem along the peaceful streets of Changi North. Just a few steps away from Changi women prison, is Lots Gourmet Stop, an eating location which serves wonderful western fusion food such as pasta, sandwiches and grills. A small and cozy place best suited for hearty sunday brunch and weekend chilling out with friends.

Food wise is definitely a pleasant experience which makes it a rare find in the east.

I would say its the best cream of mushroom I have ever had. Compared to the thick and chunky version available elsewhere, this is watery and smooth with mini mushroom bits and yet not diluted. In fact the taste is even more fragrant than the usual thick ones. Coupled with the well roasted bread; crispy on the outside yet moist on the inside, makes it a wonderful combination for a cream of mushroom.

Cream of Mushroom, $5

Their grilled chicken is simply roasted to perfection, golden brown skin with tender moist meat, with some healthy vegetables soaked in the juice of the grilled meat.

Roasted Chicken, $16

Lightly grilled rosti accompanied with three different kind of grilled sausages and dipping sauces.

Sausages with Rosti

Awesome vongole pasta cooked in white wine with the freshness of clams which makes it highly irresistible.

White Wine Vongole, $17

Tossed in olive oil, which makes it quite oily. But olive oil is supposed to be healthy right? The cheese flakes topping makes it even tastier.

Linguine Aglio Olio, $16

Salmon is well-smoked, bread is well toasted accompanied by avocado and sundried tomato. But I feel somehow they couldn’t integrate well together.

Smoked Salmon, $12

Very thin crust pizza which makes it crispy, topped with rocket and carrot. A healthier choice indeed.

Hawaiian Melt, $11

Cajun chicken wrap accompanied with wedges and greens. Pretty normal, but I could use a lil more dressing for the wrap.

Cajun Chicken Wrap, $14

Apart from the lunch/dinner main courses, they also serve pretty decent brunch menu daily till 3pm. With such a wide variety available, this has got to be my favourite hideout in the east. Due to its low accessibility, it is best to drive and its ok to park at the private carpark behind them. Parking used to be FOC however, I noticed an erected payment gantry some time back. D=

LOTS Gourmet Stop

965A Upper Changi Road North

Tel: 66339651

Mon – Thu: 11am – 4pm

Fri – Sun : 10am – 10pm

One Response to “LOTS Gourmet Stop”
  1. juicytoes says:

    Looks good & to my likings *slurp* Let’s go there next time!

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